Some Previous Projects


IHC – Engineering Business.
DraughTec designed a complex access system for the worlds largest pneumatically operated jay lay tower mounted on the rear of a ship. The tower is designed to operate between angles of 45 deg to 96 deg and can load quad joints up to 52m in length into the tower in a single action. The design included tilting steps and platforms allowing for maintenance when the tower is between the angles of 0 deg to 94 deg.


Wates - Tyneside Cinema.
£7 million refurbishment, complex fire escapes where required which were to be fixed back to the existing building at avoid damage to the train line and services below street level.


Avery Dennison.
Providing access solutions above process lines and within hazardous areas. Supplying design, manufacture and installation.


Scottish and Southern Energy – Keadby Power Station.
Providing fume extraction system around the existing gas turbines each rated at 250MWe.


British Gypsum.
Involved in a variety of turn key projects within the Kirkby Thore plant, including dust extraction, access and storage solutions.


RWenpower – Gwint Y Mor Offshore Wind Farm.
DraughTec provided the design of a modular wind turbine switch gear transition piece for training purposes.


Alcan Smelting & Power (UK).
Design access solutions within the existing aluminum smelting plant.


Kimberley Clark – Kent.
£110K project to design, install and commission a Heat Recovery System, including Axial Fan, Modulating Dampers, Support steelwork and Access. The heat from 4 large generators was collected and redistributed around the existing factory to provide heating providing the end user with a substantial energy consumption saving of £85K per annum.


Sembcorp Utilities – Wilton 10.
Designing access solutions to the UK’s first large scale Biomass Wood Burning Power Station. The £60m plant is generating 30MW of ‘green’ electricity – the equivalent needed to power around 30,000 homes.


General Mills – Berwick.
Providing a turn key project, supplying an insulated boiler room to food quality standards.


Tesco – Livingston Distribution Ctr.
£93 million, one million square foot distribution ctr, DraughTec supplied a variety of access solutions for the project.


Sembcorp Utilities – Wilton 5 Retrofit.
A £10 million overhaul of the existing coal and oil boiler at Wilton giving the boiler the ability to generate electricity from cleaner natural gas. DraughTec supplied the design of the Natural Gas Pipework and the Overfire Air Ductwork to the 12 new Zonal Low NOx Burners which also reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide.


Energy Power Resources – Eye Power Station.
The world’s first poultry litter fuelled power station generating 12.7MW. Draughtec, designed, project management and oversaw the commissioning of the air filtration system consisting of a bag filter, inlet and outlet ductwork and extraction fan and all access and emission monitoring. A high quality fertilizer is produced at the plant during the process that is marketed, a screw conveyor system was adopted to help facilitate this.